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Chinese visas

You can obtain Chinese visas through our partner ArtChina, which is simple and convenient as you are freed from most part of paperwork. The firm independently organises an invitation from a Chinese part and submits documents on your behalf to the embassy of China.

Presently, China is one of the leading countries in the number of tourists and people seeking permanent residence. Why is this country so attractive? Tourists go to China to enjoy its wonderful sights and colorful festivals, visit the legendary Tibet, and wonder the greatness of the country combining respect to the past and high futuristic technologies.

Businesspeople are interested in China as a supplier of goods, which are cheap and have become quite quality recently, and a wide modern field for investment.

Every year the number of Russian specialists willing to work in China is growing as well as the number of students willing to study in Chinese institutions of higher education.

Regardless of your purpose of visit to China, you will have to obtain a visa.

Chinese visa of F category

Maximum staying up to 90 days per each entry within 365 days - USD600