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Medical treatment in China

Tourists are not only attracted to China with the Chinese culture, historical monuments, and warm climate, but also with the opportunity to improve their health. That is why ChinaMama offers you to visit China to use the many years experience of Chinese Medicine. After such vacation in China you are sure to come back not only full of impressions, but also fresher and looking younger.

If you think that modern Chinese Medicine uses only ancient technologies, you are mistaken. All medical institutions have high-tech equipment. China tries to combine the many years experience of previous generations with the latest advances in the field of medicine. Oncological, gynaecological, stomatological, and many other diseases are treated successfully here. If you are not ill, you can find it useful to pass the courses of prophylactic procedures as you can never have too much health, as is well known.

Medical treatment in China can be combined with sightseeing. For instance, in the city of Dalian, where the famous Concorde Medical Center is located, you can also find amazing museums of sea shells and the world famous oceanarium.

Visiting China is a great way to enjoy all possible types of vacation at once: beach vacation, treatment, and sightseeing. Contact ChinaMam and select any type of vacation in China to your liking.


If you want to pass rehabilitation and recreational procedures by the methods of the traditional Chinese medicine, we offer you to visit the seaside military hospital in the city of Dalian.

Here you will be treated by medical experts specialising in the diseases of the spine, locomotor system, joints, and cardiovascular system. Specially for Russian patients, the hospital has a separate wing with a diagnostic room, all the required diagnostic equipment, procedural rooms in the spirit of the traditional Chinese medicine, etc.

In this tour, the guests of the hospital are accommodated in a comfortable hotel located in direct vicinity to the place of medical procedures. Specially for you, the hospital provides free transfer of guests from the hotel to the hospital and back.

You can visit the seaside hospital throughout the year; the date of departure is determined at the clients request.

In the course of treatment you will also enjoy vacation at the seaside, local sightseeing, enjoy local cuisine, and admire beautiful landscapes.


A unique health complex built in close vicinity to thermal springs rich in useful minerals. The hydropathic establishment provides the services based on the Japanese and Chinese traditional medicine using vegetable and animal-based components, minerals, and also, generally recognised needle therapy, manual therapy, and the restoration properties of swimming pools, baths, and saunas.

You will pass a detailed diagnosis and receive an individual course of treatment being supervised and controlled every day by a Russian physician. The visitors of the hydropathic are accommodated in a cosy hotel; there is a special glass passage provided for the motion of clients of the hydropathic. The complex has everything which is needed not only for full treatment, rehabilitation, and rejuvenation, but for recreation as well. Here you will find swimming pools, restaurants, recreation rooms, concert programs in special halls, mini-cinemas, internet, billiards, etc. Russian-speaking interpreters and tactful and polite personnel are always at your disposal.


Hainan Island, Yalong Bay

Extraordinary tour aimed to improvement of health, rehabilitation, and rejuvenation. The duration of this tour varies depending on the clients needs. You will have a high-class rest combined with an individual course of procedures, which is to be prescribed upon examination and consultations with the specialists of Center of Traditional Chinese Medicine Jade Dragon.

Yalong Bay on Hainan Island is a very picturesque place; an upmarket hotel Hua Yu Resort & SPA is located here, in which most part of the centers premises are situated. The centers main infrastructure is located in a four-storey building including special rooms for conduction of treatment procedures.

The center offers such services as diagnosis by the methods of traditional Chinese medicine, auriculotherapy, needle therapy (separately and in a complex), needle knife impact, phytotherapy, several types of therapeutic Chinese massage, heating with wormwood or electromagnetic lamp, fire therapy, instrumental therapy, and a number of procedures for rejuvenation and loss of weight.

You will enjoy not only treatment procedures and recreation at the seaside but also tours of local sights.


Hainan Island, Dadonghai Bay

The Center is based in a 4* hotel Pearl River Garden.

An amazing excursion tour to the shore of the South China Sea with an option of treatment, rehabilitation, and rejuvenation in the center of traditional Chinese medicine Longevity Garden.

Useful sea air, fresh natural food, and unique treatment and rehabilitation methods are sure to tone you up and prolong your life. You will be offered diagnosis by the methods of traditional Chinese medicine and consultations by leading specialists, needle therapy, auriculotherapy, various types of massage, phytotherapy, aromatherapy, etc.

You will select one of the lines of treatment, rehabilitation, or rejuvenation and will be provided a custom-made course combined with pleasant amusement in the resort town and island walks.

The duration of a course of treatment depends only on your needs. Traditionally, a course takes 10 days, although it can be either shortened or prolonged at the clients wish. In the tour, you will be able to select a hotel best suiting you, visit local sights on your own, and enjoy walking. The beauties of nature and masterpieces of local cuisine will give you unforgettable impressions.


Center of Chinese medicine Shengu in the city of Dalian is a unique treatment complex specialising in various lines of health-improvement activity. Here you will find an unmatched combination of modern diagnosis and traditional Chinese medicine, eastern style, and western service.

The complex is located in a five-storey building. The first and the second floors are occupied with a policlinic with various diagnostic and treatment equipment and rooms of different medical specialists. On the third floor there are cosy hotel rooms, canteen, and library. There is internet available and Russian TV channels. On the fourth floor there are sport and exercise rooms, fitness center, and tennis court. On the fifth floor there are rooms of specialists of traditional Chinese medicine. The center successfully diagnoses and treats pelvic diseases and digestive tract diseases, locomotor system diseases and respiratory system diseases, skin and gynaecological diseases, and also, diseases of the nervous system. Besides, the centers specialists offer treatment and prevention of childrens diseases, release from various addictions, conduct cosmetic procedures, and treat stomatological diseases.

Treatment in China - 78USD - commission for preparation of information.