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Education of children in China, institutions of higher education

In November, in PRC the creation of a joint Russian-Chinese University was announced.

To sign a historical agreement, a big delegation of Moscow State University came to Chinese Shenzhen. Moscow State University is one of the founders of the new institution of higher education along with Shenzhen city council and highly reputable Beijing Polytechnic University.

The representatives of Moscow State University expressed their confidence that the joint project is to promote the development of not only educational and scientific links but also joint projects in the field of high technologies.

The parties admitted that the Russian-Chinese University is also going to contribute to the enhancement of reputation of Russian education and promote Russian culture and language. In the joint Shenzhen university lectures are going to be read in the Russian language, the Chinese language, and the English language.

The enrolment of students to the first year of study is to take place in 2016. However, students are to be enrolled to the preparatory faculty (Chinese students for the study of the Russian language and Russian students for the study of Chinese) already in 2015.

Education of children in China (institutions of higher education) - USD78 - commission for the preparation of information and support