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Purchase and rental of immovable property in China

A great while ago foreigners could buy immovable property in China without any limitations, which started to affect adversely the market of immovable property in the country. That is why certain purchase restrictions were introduced.

For instance, you may not purchase immovable property in China unless you have lived more than a year there. A legal entity may not purchase immovable property in China unless it has a representative office in the country. If you fall within a category, which may purchase immovable property in China, then you may also receive relevant bank credits on equal terms with the Chinese. 

After living a year in China, you will have no problems obtaining a mortgage credit if your income enables you to. It is better to apply for a credit to several banks as the conditions of providing a mortgage credit can vary considerably in different bank institutions.

In spite of the restrictions introduced by the Chinese government, immovable property in China remains attractive to foreigners. One of the attractive regions is the city of Shenzhen. There is always fresh sea air here and clear sea and the climate is as good as anywhere in the world resorts. That is why investing in immovable property in the city of Shenzhen is so profitable. Residential immovable property in China is a sweet spot for investors, as well as the commercial immovable property.

In Shenzhen, new business centers are built and developed constantly; the immovable property of this type is in demand, which provides great conditions for running an own business. It is impossible to overlook the development of the citys economy, which is confirmed with a great number of IT companies enjoying favorable conditions of work here and the growth of immovable property prices. The most prestigious Shenzhen port is Futian. This district is the most profitable place for investment in immovable property in China.

Another attractive place for the purchase of immovable property is the city of Huizhou. The city has good location and immovable property is not expensive and is quite comfortable.

Speaking about immovable property in China it is necessary to mention Shanghai. The matter is that there are no bans applicable to the purchase of immovable property by foreign citizens in this big city. Shanghai is not only free from restrictions to the purchase of immovable property by foreign citizens; it is the only city in China where there are no such bans at all.

Purchase and rental of immovable property in China - USD100 transaction support commission