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Virtual office in China

Nominal director-representative - USD89 per month

Real director-representative - USD1,138-USD2,437 per month (depending on the complexity of tasks)

Provision of address in China for the receipt of samples for you - USD49 per month

Provision of address in China for the issue of your samples - USD49 per month

Creation of your Internet store on Taobao, Alibaba, WeChat, and other social networks - USD489

Creation of a Chinese promo site - USD289

Creation of a Chinese Internet store - USD389

Negotiations with distributors on the organisation of supply to their networks - USD256

Organisation of a storages operation for the issue, shipment, and delivery of goods (including rental of 20 square meters) - USD587 per month

Ask your question on the creation of a virtual office in China at mail@skylex.com.hk