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Quality Control (QC)

Quality control inspections or product inspections to check the condition and quality of your products on all stages of production. The inspection will help you make sure that all the requirements, specifications, and criteria specified to a plant are considered and properlyconformed to.

Product inspections are conducted under the international quality control standards, such as ANSI/ASQC Z1.4-2003, standards AQL, ISO 2859-1; also, we conduct inspections under your instructions and criteria and our knowledge and wide experience.

The cost of audits and inspections

The cost includes everything we are responsible for. It is calculated based on the number of inspectors and the inspection days: man-days. Most inspections are conducted in one man-day. This figure can vary depending on the number of items inspected, number of models/colors, and complexity of products.


Service China, Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Pakistan, Turkey Other Asian countries
Inspections (per a man-day) $298 all inclusive $398 all inclusive
Inspection before the start of production, inspection of first products, inspection in the course of production, inspection before shipment, container loading control, rejected items sorting service, production control
Factory audits
Simple factory audit $298 all inclusive $398 + transport costs
Detailed factory audit Social audit Environmental audit $596 + transport costs $796 + transport costs
Volume discounts: provided on the volume of orders! Contact us to know the amount of your discount

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