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Opening of ODM production in China

To open your own production of goods/provision of services in China, you will need:

Registration of a wholly-foreign owned enterprise - USD2,852

Execution of production approvals, e.g. food products, - USD2,377

Rental of production premises - USD2.5-3 per square meter

Purchase of equipment - about USD15,000-20,0000 (depending on the type of production, e.g., food products)

Personnel salary - USD700-1000 per month

Taxes and accounting - about USD200 per month

To organise ODM production in China, you will need an ODM manager to control the production of your products:

Fixed salary of ODM manager - USD700-2,000 per month (depending on the scope of tasks).

Percent remuneration of ODM manager - 5-15% (depending on the volume of order)

Ask your question on the opening of production in China at mail@skylex.com.hk