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Analysis of production and consumption in China

Express analysis of market segments - USD387 -ORDER

Market express analysis includes a summary of manufacturers and/or consumers of different types of products and services. We provide contact details and information on the key market players, dynamics and projected growth, legal issues of work in a particular market/segment, recommendations, brief action plan, risks, and insurance against them

Marketing research - USD2,850 -ORDER

  • 1 Market Research:

Determination of market size and nature (characteristics of consumers per age, gender, income, profession, and social position)

Determination of geographical location of potential consumers

Determination of share of products by main competitors in the total volume of sales in the market Study of structure, composition, and organisation of work of a distribution network servicing the market

Analysis of general economic and other external trends influencing the market structure.

  • 2 Sales Research

Determination of differences in the volume of sales per various regions

Determination and revision of borders of sales regions. Planning of visiting of clients by sales representatives. Enhancement of efficiency of sales representatives work.

Evaluation of trade methods and sales promotion. Analysis of a distribution networks efficiency in terms of costs and profit. Accounting of a retail networks inventory.

  • 3 Product Research:

Analysis of strengths and weaknesses of competing products (i.e. not only the products of your company but rather of your competitors)

Search for new modes of use of the manufactured products. Analysis of concepts of new products. Testing new products with engagement of consumers. Packing research. Analysis of opportunities for simplification of a range of products

  • 4 Advertising Research:

Analysis of efficiency of advertisements

Analysis of efficiency of advertising media

Analysis of efficiency of advertising activity

  • 5 Business Economics:

Input-output analysis

Short-term and long-term forecasting based on trends analysis

Price-earnings analysis

  • 6 Motivation Research
  • 7 Export Marketing Research

The above list is not at all comprehensive but rather gives a general idea of possible research activity.

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