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A merger and acquisition transaction can be aimed at either strategic expansion of business (market share, technologies, geography, etc.) or financial purchase for subsequent resale or public offering. China has the most dynamically developing economy in the world with the average annual growth of 7-8%, which is four times higher than in the USA. The Chinese legislation is stable and liberal to foreign investments in spite of political conflicts, which enables foreign companies to develop successfully in the Chinese market. The yield of companies in the Chinese market is 35-70% OIBDA margin; the yield of securities is 10-17%, the yield of deposits is 3-5%. We are ready to answer any questions on the investments in China.

Types and variants of possible investments in China:

  • Registration of a wholly-foreign owned enterprise - USD2,852 -ORDER
  • Execution of production approvals - USD2,377 -ORDER
  • Execution of documents for a purchase of a share in a Chinese company - USD553 -ORDER
  • Opening of a company-distributor of imported goods in China - USD2,852 -ORDER
  • and other

 We offer the following services for the organisation of investments in China:

  • Evaluation of investment projects (NPV, IRR, ROI, PI, PP) - USD989 -ORDER
  • Project business planning (strategy, finance, marketing) - USD989 -ORDER
  • Registration of a wholly-foreign owned enterprise -USD2,852 -ORDER
  • Express analysis of a business project’s market - USD387 -ORDER
  • Marketing research - USD2,850 -ORDER

European style and way of life are becoming more and more popular in China including European food, European design, European interior appearance, etc.

  • The following investments are sufficient to start your business in China:
  • Registration of a company - USD 2,852/one-time including all charges and duties
  • Rental of premise - USD250-700 per month
  • Taxes, accounting, and other charges: US190 per month
  • Your salary

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