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Searching for goods in China

Searching for goods in China

Searching for goods in China

Selection of manufacturers and goods in China 

Nowadays, in China there are about 400 sectors of industry; more than 350 thousand enterprises have been built in the last several decades; China is the worlds leader in the number of factories and manufactured goods. It means hundreds of thousands of commodity groups and millions of types of manufactured products. China manufactures everything suiting every taste. They say: Nothing is so bewildering as a wealth of choice. To some extent, it is true. 

Where to search

Advertising sources, search engines Google, Yandex, Rambler, etc., Chinese portals and specialised web-sites, catalogues of Chinese manufacturers, exhibitions, industry cities. Here is a small list of search variants, which can help you find a required manufacturer or goods in China. The most popular and accessible internet-resources for the search of goods in China are: alibaba.com and made-in-china.com. There are big Chinese search systems but their operation is complicated with the absence of a version in the English language. It is possible to order marketing studies or apply to specialised companies.


Purchasing various catalogues and disks with information on Chinese manufacturers is of little help in the search of a particular product and visiting of exhibitions is a final stage of the preparation. Eventually, to achieve the maximum result, it is better to use all possible variants. 


So what is the right way to choose a product you need in China?

Nobody will give you a decisive answer. There are several variants of search and selection. They can differ from company to company and the quality of information provided on the goods and services depends on a particular configuration of the system. In the course of many years of running business in China our company has developed its own strategy and we use a number of original methods for obtaining of information, which will be described in the following articles. Searching for manufacturers in China


How to make the first steps

Recommendations, price, management quality, sales markets, presence of certificates, vicinity or remoteness of a supplier, etc. It is necessary to compare all these issues and narrow the circle of potential suppliers of Chinese goods to the maximum extent possible. Then, to secure yourself, it is necessary to check all the information obtained and proceed to a more detailed selection. Never fix upon a single candidate, always consider an alternative to eliminate price pressing and have backup. We are always ready for dialog and will tell you how to make a right choice! 


What should you pay special attention to?

When the contact is made, request for the copies of the registration documents or license, certificates for the products, and clarify the main sales markets. It is an advantage if the company is oriented to Europe and America. Products of lower quality are manufactured for the Asian market and Chinas internal market, where more attention is paid to low price. When executing a contract and issuing an invoice, pay attention to the name of the company (sometimes gray company is specified intentionally) or ask for a professional advice.

How to check a potential partner in China

The best way is to entrust an independent company with this function, which is represented in China, has wide experience in the field and contacts necessary for online processing of information. You can also take some measures to check your partners respectability independently by sending an inquiry to a local Chamber of Commerce and Industry and receive references from the partners already working with them providing, of course, they are willing to give them to you. You can check the authenticity of documents provided to you by sending an inquiry to the issuing authorities. However, the problem is that the inquiry must be made in the Chinese language.

Calculation of cost of production of Chinese goods

The ultimate cost of a Chinese product consists of the following components: costs of selection of a manufacturer in China, cost of production in China, cost of quality control, delivery to a place of destination, customs clearance (duty, brokers services, VAT, internal logistics). Optimal and rational saving in all these components enables you to have the maximally beneficial cost of a Chinese product.

Is contract required in China?

Considering the specifics of running of business by the Chinese and their skill to go back on their words, we do not recommend you to start working with Chinese partners without documenting all that has been said and agreed.

Selecting variants of delivery of goods from China and a customs broker

Here again, as in the case of the initial search, it is important to have several variants and the most convenient way is to have the entire package of logistical services. 

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