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Production in China How to eliminate delays

Production in China How to eliminate delays

Production in China How to eliminate delays

Most companies including those supplying goods from China are susceptible to the time of shipment of finished products. In some situations (e.g., supply of New Year decorations) the time of production is a critical condition for successful operation of a company. It is particularly true now when there is a deficit of shipment capacities and places for containers transported from China have to be ordered in advance on a vessel going from China.


Working with Chinese manufacturers and suppliers, one often faces their inability to manufacture goods within the specified time. Certainly, it is not a reason to give up cooperation with the Chinese but rather a cause for taking certain measures to minimise the potential risks.


Step 1 Design and approval of samples

Seek to minimise the duration of this stage. As a rule, main delays at this stage are due to the customer. In case if the manufacturer disregards the delivery deadlines already at the stage of design of samples, you should consider if it is worth working with them in principle.


Step 2 Manufacturing by subcontractors

As a rule, only very big Chinese companies are able to organise a complete production cycle at their own production facilities. Generally, an average Chinese manufacturer carries out only several processes and packing using its own resources. Besides, Chinese factories have to purchase raw products and materials from third parties. That is why the production time depends not only on the capabilities and wishes of your supplier. In a peak period (for each product it is different) and before the Chinese New Year, manufacturer is practically unable to eliminate delays, so try to avoid placement of orders in these periods.

Step 3 Manufacturing at the factory

The manufacturing process shall be controlled from the moment of ordering. Double control is required after all the necessary semi-finished products and raw materials are delivered to the factory. To eliminate delays due to the necessity to remanufacture the ordered goods, inspect quality already at this stage. Also, it is worth considering fines for failure to comply with the manufacturing deadlines.

It will exert psychological pressure on the manufacturer and will make it impossible for the manufacturer to forget about your order.

Step 4 Quality inspection, packing, and shipment of products

As a rule, there are no long delays at this stage. Basically, they are connected with the necessity to remanufacture a part of the batch due to the quality problems discovered in the course of inspection. Also, sometimes there are delays if one container contains products manufactured by different manufacturers and it is necessary to wait until each of them completes their order.


Yet another advice. Most experienced importers working in China for decades always add a couple of weeks to the manufacturing time specified by a manufacturer. 

May success attend you!

  • 04.07.2013
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