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Detailed description:

Your career is your choice!

Having made your choice, you live for it and desire it to come true. To get the best of your choice, you need the best opportunities. Your opportunities are in the center of your career with us. You have opportunities to grow as a personality, build long-term relations, and influence the place where people are of greatest value.

What are you looking for in your career?

Regardless of whether you are an experienced professional or a promising talent, in your work you are going to meet people from our team and clients we serve. You will be permanently trained and your ideas will be met in the atmosphere of cooperation and team work.

We seek to provide for a diversity of our team and career development of women in our organisation.

Our offices are opened in China and SAR Hong Kong in direct vicinity to key industrial and financial areas. Working with us you will accumulate and improve your knowledge and practical experience due to the global development program Genesis Park providing great opportunities for professional training.


Salary: HK$13,500 salary + % of personal sales + bonuses which makes a total income of HK$20,000.

Detailed description:

We seek to provide for a diversity of our team!

The presence of womens collective in our company provides for career development and confidence in future. Experience of work in a financial organisation from 3 years, professional of business communication, knowledge of administration methods and conclusion of agreements, excellent knowledge of financial legislation, activity, responsibility, and creativity!


Working with clients of a financial department, organisation of effective work of personnel, financial consulting activity and accounting, plan performance and reporting.


Work schedule: 5 working days and 2 days off (Shenzhen); salary: RMB12,000 + % of commission + bonuses which makes a total income of RMB25,000.

Detailed description:


Female, 22-45, independent, responsible, communicative, easily trained, willing to work.


- Legal support of the companys activity in the field of international law

- Development, support, and legal examination of international agreements

- Conduction of negotiations with foreign clients and contractors, legal support of transactions

- Conduction of cases with competent authorities and international arbitration jurisdictions

- Monitoring and analysis of changes in Russian and foreign laws


5 working days per week; the place of work is the city of Shenzhen Salary: RMB10,800 + bonus 40% of the salary