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Frequently asked questions

75% of business startups become “business closings” in the very first year of operation. It means that 3/4 of people trying to start their business are doomed to failure.


When starting a business in China, you will get a clear operation algorithm. Also, you will be consulted by a manager who will help you find an office premise in China, production premises in China, employees in China, and offline and online platforms for attraction of clients in China.


The following documents are required to open a wholly-foreign owned enterprise:

- Foreign passport

- Chinese visa

- Bank certificate in the English language


Contact us and our managers will give you a sample bank certificate and recommend you a type of visa to obtain for entrance to China.

In China residence permits are issued by migration authorities in the following cases:


- Education in China (schools, colleges, institutions of higher education, etc.)

- Employment in a Chinese company under a labor contract

- Opening of an own company

- Marrying a PRC citizen.


Contact us and our managers will give you a detailed description of a procedure for obtaining of a China residence permit.

To start production in China, it is required only to open a wholly-foreign owned enterprise. Then it is necessary to rent a production premise and obtain a relevant production permit. On the average, the cost of production approvals is about $3,000 (depending on the activity type). The execution of documents takes about 25 days.


Contact us and our managers will give you detailed information on the cost and procedure for execution of documents required to start production in China. They will also give you information on the main expenses and taxes for you to make a business plan of your project.

To carry out export-import activity in the territory of China, it is necessary to open a company and obtain a license for import to China. To import a product to China, it is necessary to obtain a product import quota from a relevant department of state authorities.


You can request the information on full cost, time and procedure for obtaining using a feedback form specifying the activity type and a type of product to be imported to China.