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About the company

Our company has been providing consulting services since 2013. In this period SkyLex has travelled a long way from a small trade firm to one of the biggest consulting agencies in Russia.

Our main rule is individual approach to each client.

Presently, we have registered more than ten trade companies in China and opened a number of companies in SAR Hong Kong. We help all those who is willing to start their first Chinese business and develop it together with us. At the same time, we are keen to provide our clients with information, which is as comprehensive and reliable as the one in our possession. We will register any company of yours in China and SAR Hong Kong and provide highly qualified accounting service based on the needs of your business.

Your project will be implemented with consideration of all modern legal issues and explanation of all small details. ChinaMama will offer you several different variants, from which you will be able to select one suiting your requirements.

Any project of yours will be implemented just in time. All works for preparation of the required documents and their submission to the relevant authorities will be performed by employees of our company. There is a strict control of implementation on all stages of work: from the moment of ordering to the moment of obtaining of all approvals.

Reliable information and precious experience

Our use of reliable information obtained from official reliable sources and the precious experience of our specialists enable us to make expert calculations and decrease the costs of our clients.

We are proud of our employees who have passed professional training in the best educational institutions of Russia and China. We employ high-class specialists of different ages. We appreciate the enthusiasm of youth and experience of older generation. We are different but our dedication and belief in the ideas of our company join us together.

The recipe for our success is the highest standards of service quality.

SkyLex provides consulting services under the highest quality standards using reliable legal information, which enables us to help our clients achieve their goals in a fast and efficient way. We have set both mass and individual processes, which helps satisfy the constantly growing demands of our clients, on the one hand, and provide individual approach, on the other hand.